Spring & Autumn Fair launch Pathway to Sustainability whitepapers

Spring and Autumn Fair has partnered with Products of Change to create a set of five whitepapers to assist retailers and brands with their journey to operating a more sustainable, ethical, and regenerative business as part of its Power of One campaign.


The first whitepaper, titled Pathway to Sustainability showcases how to set business ambitions through the structure of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals. This is then followed by a further four whitepapers including an invaluable dive into the Green Claims Code with Navigating The Green Claims Code and Avoiding Greenwashing; insight on our generation of sustainable shoppers in Consumer Trends, and the necessary policies, mandates, and frameworks to be aware of in Legislation.


Looking at the inefficient, wasteful, consumptive, and extractive global economy that currently exists, the Circular Economy whitepaper explores the cash is king economic model and outlines new strategies not reliant on finite resources. It states, “With all its inefficiency, waste and pollution, our current linear way of doing things can no longer support a growing population. The system needs to change entirely if we are to continue building prosperity for all. And changing the system means doing things differently. Which brings us to the circular economy. A way of shifting from value extraction to value creation. Not an anti-growth or de-growth approach, but a way to create growth and profit but in a restorative and regenerative way. One that can create choice and do so with in the material limits of our planet and home. At its very core the circular economy is an approach and framework to support the choices we make not just in the materials economy but all elements of our lives.” The whitepaper goes on to explore the three defining principles of the circular economy: Eliminate waste and pollution; Keep materials in use; and Regenerate natural systems.

The aim of the whitepapers is to continue the show’s Power of One activity by providing businesses with the tools to build action, and together reduce the collective impact over the next 7-8 years across industry to meet 2030 targets. The whitepapers are now available to download at Pathway to Sustainability – Spring Fair 2023.

Nikki Griffiths, Group Communications and ESG Director, Hyve Group PLC, said: “Thanks to our partnership with Products of Change, we can deliver real education to our audience of retailers and suppliers, with which they can begin to build actionable steps as part of a wider strategy to transition towards sustainability and business practices that benefit people and the planet. We are really excited to deliver this first series of whitepapers through the lens of the expertise at Products of Change and look forward to seeing the positive change we can all drive across business across the world together.”

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