Teflon sponsors Olney’s historic pancake race

As part of the celebrations for its 50th anniversary this year, DuPont’s Teflon non-stick brand sponsored this year’s annual pancake race in Olney, Buckinghamshire.

Teflon sponsors Olney's historic pancake race

The race, one of England’s oldest traditions with a history going back to 1445, is run over a 415 yard course by 25 local women who toss pancakes as they go.

Much of the population of Olney in Buckinghamshire turn out for the world-famous race and associated festivities, which help raise money for local and national charities.

DuPont says that as a good non-stick surface is required for satisfactory pancake tossing the event fitted very well with Teflon’s brand values.

As well as sponsoring the event, the company also provided all participants with a commemorative goodie bag containing DuPont products and other items specially selected for weary runners.

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