The Fearless Chef heads to Channel 4

Channel 4 launches a new cookery series on Sunday (April 17) at 7pm, following the trail of a food adventurer.

In ‘The Fearless Chef’, Kenyan chef and restaurateur Kiran Jethwa goes on a culinary world tour to the most remote corners of the planet, preparing meals in unusual locations.

Channel 4 said: “Kiran thinks we’ve lost touch with where our food comes from, so he’s following ingredients back to their source, using skill and imagination to create delicious dishes in the hardest terrains.”

Kiran is a third generation Kenyan born in Nairobi. Having completed a BSc in hospitality management in Manchester, he travelled all over the world, from the US to Italy, France, South Africa, South East Asia, South and Central America and Australia, to mould his professional abilities and broaden his palate. He is the chef and owner of one of Nairobi’s premier restaurant companies, Seven Restaurants Ltd.

In episode one, Kiran travels to Bolivia, where he goes in search of coca leaves, which can be used as a herb in tea and cooking. He meets some local farmers and harvests the leaves on sheer valley slopes, before using his crop to make a marinade for llama meat. He then serves a feast of char-grilled, coca-marinated loin of llama and coca leaf dumplings.

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