The Great Pottery Throw Down is back for a second series

‘The Great Pottery Throw Down’ returns to the small screen on Thursday (February 2) with a brand new series.

Hosted by presenter Sara Cox, the second, six-part series airs at 8pm on BBC Two.

In the show, 10 home potters will journey to Stoke-on-Trent and compete to become the new champion of British pottery.

They will once again be judged by master potter Keith Brymer Jones (who is head of design at housewares company MAKE International) and ceramics artist Kate Malone.

The contestants will undertake three challenges. For their Main Make, the potters will throw and decorate an identical 16-piece dinner set.

Testing technical prowess in the Spot Test, the potters must sponge-decorate a coherent design across a pair of jugs. And they must also do it in front of a special guest judge: one of the UK’s most popular ceramic designers, Emma Bridgewater.

The final challenge is the Throw Down, where the judges examine the potters’ skill at the wheel. The competitors must throw the tallest cone they can in just 15 minutes.

On the final day, kiln man Rich Miller will remove the potters’ dinner sets from the flames.

The heat is on, as they all want to win Pot of The Week and get their ceramics into The Great Pottery Throw Down gallery. But whose dinnerware will be the first to be displayed and who will be leaving?


l-r: Judge Keith Brymer Jones, host Sara Cox, judge Kate Malone

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