The Poachet proves a 2m-egg success for Lakeland

There are just three months to go before the housewares industry can get its hands on yet another wonder egg poaching product.

The Poachet proves a 2m-egg success for Lakeland

Lakeland currently has UK exclusivity on the Poachet, a patented egg poaching bag manufactured by Quickshine. The retailer has sold almost 100,000 packs of 20 Poachets since April – enough to prepare 2m eggs – while Quickshine has sold a further 1.5m bags to export customers.

Lakeland will retain exclusivity until the end of this year, after which time it will retain the name Poachets as its exclusive brand going forward. The products will, though, then become available to other retailers under the brand name of Poachies, from the start of 2012. Quickshine says it is currently seeking distributors for the housewares sector.

The success of the Poachet joins that of JWP’s Poachpod and Eddingtons’ Poach Perfect. However, while both of those products are silicone, the Poachet is like a paper tea-bag that holds the egg during cooking.

“Proper, water-immersed poached eggs have always been difficult to prepare, with unpredictable and inconsistent results,” Quickshine’s Howard Gold told “Egg poaching bags make them simpler to cook than an omelette.”

Meanwhile, at Lakeland – where the Poachet now continuously ranks as a top seller – director of buying Matthew Canwell explains its success simply: “You just can’t go wrong with eggs!”

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