The sales process, part 2: Up-selling

Definition: Moving the customer to an item that is more beneficial to them than that which they were originally looking at.

The sales process, part 2: Up-selling

Remember that if we see all sales situations from the customer’s point of view we will never feel we are being pushy or “over-selling” our customers.

We have several opportunities to up-sell to our customers.

1) When we approach a customer in the store and ask questions to establish their need;

2) When the customer brings an item to the counter having already made their purchase decision;

3) By advertising an up-sell opportunity in the store.

We must have at least two options in our mind for the customer.

The number one thing to remember is: If we look to up-sell to our customer, it must be perceived by them as increasing the benefit of what was to be the original purchase.

Ask yourself these questions before you propose an up-sell item or items to your customer:

What extra benefit will it bring to the customer?

a) Will it save more time than the original intended purchase?

b) Will it have a greater lifespan than the original intended purchase?

c) Will it save more money than the original item in the short term or long term?

d) Will it be more convenient in some way than the original intended purchase?

e) Will it be easier to use than the original intended purchase?

f) Will it offer great protection then the original intended purchase?

If it fits in one of these six categories then it’s worth the time.

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