The ultimate fry up revealed

A new survey of 1,015 UK residents has revealed the nation’s favourite fry up.

The research by luxury London hotelier Guoman Hotels asked respondents to pick from 17 different components to discover the most popular seven-item breakfast. The top picks were: bacon (74%), sausages (73%), beans (70%), fried egg (65%), mushrooms (63%), toast (65%) and tomato (58%).

The fry up was voted as the UK’s favourite breakfast after being chosen by one-third of people (32%). Second spot went to cereal with 14% of the votes. While the fry up was voted as the nation’s favourite breakfast, cereal is the most common morning meal, with over one-third (35%) saying it is their everyday choice.

The fry up is making a comeback with younger generations though. Over one-third (35%) of respondents aged 16 to 34 eat fried breakfasts once a week or more, compared with just one-quarter (26%) of over 55s.

When it comes to breakfast condiments, tomato ketchup was the winner: 39% said that ketchup was their condiment of choice, compared with just one-quarter (26%) preferring brown sauce. One in 20 respondents (5%) said mayonnaise was their go-to condiment for a fried breakfast. It is Generation Z that seems to be killing off brown sauce, with just 12% of respondents aged16 to 24 choosing it as the best breakfast condiment, compared with 35% of over 55s.

Tea is the preferred fry-up beverage. It was chosen by over one-third of people (35%), beating coffee (26%) and orange juice (18%). The debate of ‘pulp versus no pulp’ was also addressed: 61% of orange juice drinkers would opt for no pulp in their drink, according to the survey.

Deborah Thompson, head of digital marketing for Guoman Hotels commented: “Breakfast is a huge part of our offering at Guoman, so it’s important to keep track of what people want to see on their plates. This survey highlights what we need to provide to achieve customer satisfaction, and indicates that traditional choices are still very popular across England.”

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