Third of Brits prefer global grub to national nosh

On average, Brits eat food from six different countries every day, according to Asda.

From Greek yogurt for breakfast, to sushi at lunch and paella for dinner, many of our mealtime staples now originate from foreign shores.

Sales of international foods have increased 40% in the last 12 weeks alone at Asda and research from the supermarket chain reveals that 35% of its customers claim they now prefer eating international foods over classic British meals.

Asda shoppers say their inspiration comes from many sources. Top of the list is the extensive range of dishes available in supermarkets, which encourages them to try new flavours (35%). This is followed by global travel (20%), cookery programmes (16%), a desire to feel more cultured (10%) and social media (6%).

Asda head innovation chef Mark Richmond said: “Our appetite for international foods continues to grow, and we’re broadening our palates far beyond classic tikka masala or chicken chow mein.

“Our taste buds are likely to travel even further in 2018 with a rise in popularity of foods from the Middle East, the Pacific and regional Italy, as well as a deeper exploration of Asian fusion’.

Middle Eastern Inspiration: “Driven by our quest for fresh ingredients and healthy food, expect to see a rise in skewers, sharing small plates, dips and pickles, BBQ meats, a variety of grilled breads, topped pide and levantine as well as authentic spices such as zhoug, harissa, zaatar, dukkah and chemoula.”

A Trip Across the Pacific: “We will see a rise in popularity of authentic Mexican, Cuban and Hawaiian dishes including tacos, pulled meats, empanadas, Latino chills, pickles, marinated fish and seafood, ceviche and poke bowls.”

Regional Italian Resurgence: “Fresh and tradition flavours and ingredients of regional Italy are predicted to experience a real movement, such as octopus, rabbit, slow roasted pork, burrata, handmade pasta, truffle, fresh beans and Umbrian lentils. We will also see more traditional cooking techniques coming to the fore, including charring, smoking, curing and slow fermenting.”

Asian Fusion Explosion: “We are eagerly anticipating even more innovative combinations of Asian dishes. Bao buns, baozi, robata, kimchi, BBQ grilled meats and lots of Korean flavours are expected to gain momentum.”


  1. Fajitas
  2. Paella
  3. Peking duck
  4. Moussaka
  5. Mozzarella salad
  6. Tacos
  7. Jerk chicken
  8. Sushi
  9. Chinese dumplings
  10. Beef short rib
  11. Pad Thai
  12. Stuffed vine leaves
  13. Tuna niçoise salad
  14. Chicken katsu
  15. Massaman curry
  16. Dahl
  17. Ramen
  18. Miso soup
  19. Souvlaki
  20. Empanadas

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