Top prize Scrudle wins Lakeland development package

A kitchen tool that combines the uses of a scoop, a scraper and a ladle has won top prize in a new kitchen product design competition.

Top prize Scrudle wins Lakeland development package

The product’s inventor, Margaret O’Callaghan, walked away with £10,000 from dishwasher detergent company Finish, plus a product development package from housewares retailer Lakeland, which linked up to launch the Finish Diamond Standard Innovation Challenge.

The winning Scrudle allows sauces, gravies and casseroles to be transferred easily from pot to plate. It is made of plastic with a measuring device on the side, and has a flat edge to ensure smooth scooping of mixtures.

Head judge in the contest, top chef Heston Blumenthal, said that the 65-year-old housewife “really impressed us on judging day. He product was innovative, practical and something that I can actually see myself using in the kitchen.

“After her pitch all of the judges came out thinking, ‘Now, why didn’t I think of that?’ because it’s such a simple idea, but also something that will be useful and genuinely make life easier.”

Lakeland’s customer ambassador Wendy Miranda told that the Scrudle was now at prototype stage.

“We’ve already taken from the initial drawings and made a set of prototypes and given them to our winner, Margaret. In the new year we’ll be looking at the next set of prototypes. The Scrudle will go into stores and then we hope to launch it in the autumn catalogue.”

Along with the chance to see her product developed, the winner will receive royalties worth 3% of its retail price.

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