Typhoon US is sold on, with plans for growth

Typhoon owner Peter Battersby has sold the American arm of the business, Typhoon US, to Simon Kirby and Peter Carter.
The company, which has changed its name to Typhoon Plus, will continue to range its product through Typhoon Housewares in the UK.

Typhoon Housewares managing director Chris Stevens told HousewaresLive.net that the sale had been prompted to some extent by Peter Battersby’s reluctance to spend a lot of time in the US.

“It was partly to do with management resources, bringing more expertise to the business and freeing us up to run the UK business,” he said. “Simon and Peter [Carter] are people we’ve known for a lot of years, who have built a lot of brands in the States, and people we implicitly trust.”

He said the name change was intended to reflect plans to boost the company’s profile. “Simon and Peter were very much of the opinion we needed to change,” he explained. “It’s quite a small company in the States. If we’re going to alter that we need to change the perception of the company, and the name change was meant to get that across to the market. The company’s going be different, bigger, bolder and possibly incorporate other product categories going forward. Our ambitions in the States are quite significant.”

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