Waitrose expands its global reach

Mauritius and Dominica are the latest additions to Waitrose’s growing export business, taking the total number of countries outside the UK where the supermarket retailer has a presence to 58.

Under the agreement, Waitrose will supply more than 140 products to the Save a Lot store in Dominica. Foods being shipped to the Caribbean country include English favourites such as baked beans and rich tea biscuits, as well as English mustard.

Meanwhile, three of the largest shops in the Mauritius Food Lovers Market group will be supplied with Waitrose products, including apple sauce and muesli.

Waitrose business to business director David Morton said: ‘We’ve continued to expand our global presence and appeal over the past year. We always tailor our ranges to suit local tastes but find the best sellers tend to be food and drink associated with Britain such as tea, biscuits and jam. We have also added Waitrose stocked branded goods to our own label portfolio – and most of these are smaller British suppliers that Waitrose has championed, which are not otherwise available outside the UK.”

Waitrose started exporting products in 1996 and now has a presence across five continents in countries including Hong Kong, New Zealand, Ghana, Bermuda and South Korea.


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