Waitrose promises a Golden Christmas

Waitrose has revealed what we will be sitting down to eat in five months’ time and which Christmas trends will be tickling our taste buds.

The supermarket chain promises that Christmas will be a golden affair on its shelves in the run-up of Yuletide. Its Golden Turkey with Rosemary Skewered Turkey Stuffing features golden sparkly butter and is flavoured with saffron and pink peppercorns, which give it a golden, jewelled finish.

Waitrose has also added gold sparkle to its roast potatoes. The Waitrose Golden Goose Fat Inca Bella Roast potatoes are also ‘set to revolutionise Christmas cooking’ by roasting in a mere 25 minutes.

Pictured is the Romanesco Cauliflower Tree kit. Looking like an edible Christmas tree, this vegetable may is roasted in the oven, decorated with pomegranate seeds, topped with a star anise and served with orange dressing.

A pie might not be the most traditional choice for Christmas lunch, but the Waitrose 1 Christmas Dinner Pie offers a combination of pork layered with marinated turkey, roasted carrots and parsnips and a seasonal stuffing, all encased in a crisp, hot water-crust pastry.

Waitrose has also put a twist on the classic Brussel sprout with the Sprout Gratin with Chestnut Crumble. The gratin is a bed of sprouts, kale and roasted onions in a cheese sauce, topped with a chestnut, pine nut and breadcrumb topping.

For desserts, Waitrose is launching a range inspired by classic American recipes – but with an added twist. The Waitrose Eggnog Custard Tart boasts traditional English custard filling, with the addition of brandy, spices, nutmeg and dusted with dark chocolate.

Another American favourite sweet treat is red velvet cake. Waitrose has combined this trend with a traditional Christmas favourite, the Yule log to create the Red Velvet Yule Stump. Keeping with the trend for red velvet, Waitrose is also launching Waitrose Mini Red Velvet Cheesecake Bites, suitable for parties, dessert canapés and sneaky treats.

A third American favourite – the waffle – has this year made its way into a stove top stuffing. Looser in texture and cooked on the stove top, the pulled duck and sour cherries soaked in red wine vinegar are mixed with waffles, soffritto, wholegrain mustard, and fresh rosemary.

Finally, cocktails will no longer be restricted to the bar with the launch of Waitrose Cocktail Olives: a trio of marinated olives inspired by popular cocktails. The Bloody Mary includes pimento stuffed olives and semi-dried cherry tomatoes marinated in vodka, tomato juice and the classic Bloody Mary seasonings of Worcestershire sauce, black pepper and a dash of hot Tabasco.  The Gin And Tonic comprises pitted Halkidiki olives marinated in gin, crushed juniper berries and lemon zest, while Limoncello olives offer bright green Nocellara olives marinated in Limoncello, lemon zest and oil with a slice of lemon.

Waitrose head of brand development and product innovation Natalie Mitchell commented: “From sparkly potatoes, a golden turkey and edible cauliflower Christmas trees, our festive range is definitely set to inspire and excite our customers this year. Foodie trends that have been popular over the last year have also influenced our 2016 Christmas ranges, such as American-style food. Our diner-inspired waffle stuffing will definitely be a talking point over the Christmas lunch and our puddings are set to delight!”

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