Weekly sales bloom at Waitrose

Total sales excluding fuel for Waitrose were 10.2% higher last week (to 5 March 5) than last year, with comparisons boosted by the earlier fall of Mothering Sunday.

The grocery chain’s commercial director Mark Williamson said “Our shops saw their biggest ever day of flower sales on Saturday. Compared to the equivalent day last year, sales were 13% higher.”

He added: “Although the weather still feels far from spring-like, our strawberry growers have already managed to get strawberries on to shelves. Our total fresh produce sales for the week were 20% higher than last year.

“In another sign of spring, our dairy herds were let out to graze for the first time after the winter. We have recently pledged that our dairy cattle will be outside grazing for at least 100 days a year, building on our industry-leading welfare commitments.”


Mother’s Day 2016 at Waitrose: Emma Bridgewater Jug  


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