Wishart launches new website

Scottish delivered wholesaler Wishart has launched a new website, designed to give customers “an advanced, reliable ordering platform and information source”.

Wishart launches new website

With both staff and customers alike finding the old site “outdated and unreliable”, Stax-owned Wishart has invested heavily in new technology to improve the efficiency of their delivered wholesale operations.

Wishart, now part of Stax Trade Centres, is one of the UK’s leading delivered wholesalers, supporting independent retailers across Scotland and the North of England. Its range includes thousands of products from the homeware, DIY, gardens, hardware, ironmonmgery, tools, electricals, plumbing, workwear sectors.

Stax Trade Centres joint md David Hibbert said: “Since Stax purchased Wishart in 2011, there have been a number of improvements and investments in the business, with the new website being the most recent addition.

“Behind the scenes, we have also updated the delivery fleet and purchased new warehouse equipment. In addition, the Wishart reps are now armed with the latest technology to enable orders to be taken in the field, undertake stock checks and provide accurate quotes, just as the Stax reps have been doing for some time. All of these measures should mean Wishart customers will start to see an improved service across the board.”

Further plans are in place over the coming months to develop the functionality of both the Stax and Wishart websites as well as the retailer websites as part of the Retailer Web Programme.

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