Women call the wine shots

Women wine drinkers in the UK are knowledgeable, self-confident and buy eight out of 10 bottles drunk at home.

Women call the wine shots

A new survey by wine and spirit exhibition Vinexpo also shows that wine is mostly drunk at the dinner table (85%) or in front of the television (84%). And stemware and decanters are considered important for the occasion.

The research overturns perceptions of women’s role in wine buying and reveals that in many cases they are more influential in the choice of wines for the home than men.

Six out of 10 women said they drank wine at least once a week, while the same number said they preferred red wine to white. Fewer than one in 10 women preferred rosé.

For most women drinking wine is associated with specific moments of the day: with meals (91 %), with friends (89 %), at the end of the day (52 %) or as an aperitif (38%). For one-third of women the end of the day wine is drunk in the bath.

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