World Cup and heatwave promise ‘biggest BBQ weekend in years’

Brits are set to turn the weekend into a huge nationwide World Cup barbecue party, according to supermarket chain Tesco.

World Cup and heatwave promise 'biggest BBQ weekend in years'

With temperatures set to soar into the mid 20s, and the start of England’s World Cup campaign on Saturday night, Tesco said most shoppers have one things on their minds for the weekend: stocking up for barbecue parties.

Tesco beer category spokeswoman Natasha Pitman said: “Fantastic weather and the world’s biggest sporting event will help create a real carnival atmosphere across Britain starting this weekend. The mere mention of a sunny weekend from weather forecasters is enough to change shopping plans and judging by early sales, we believe many people will be enjoying al fresco dining this weekend.

“But of course on Saturday night there’s also the greatly anticipated England versus Italy game, so we’re preparing for what could be the biggest barbecue party night for several years. We’ve brought in extra supplies to our depots to make sure stores can be stocked up for customers at the drop of a hat. Britain’s gardens will be alive with the sound of parties and the smell of sizzling food for the next three days at least.”

Since Wednesday morning, sales of barbecue food, salad vegetables, ice cream, beer, wine and Pimms have been the most popular items at Tesco. Also in high demand have been water, disposable barbecues, charcoal and sun creams and after sun lotion.

Tesco’s predicted sales uplifts for this weekend (compared with last weekend) include steaks (up 140%), Pimms (up 200%), bags of charcoal and instant barbecues (up 150%), and tubs of ice cream (up 30%).

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