Yankee Candle carries out security evaluation on its products

In a quest to reduce theft and shoplifting, Yankee Candle is embarking on a security evaluation project to protect stock and profits.

Yankee Candle carries out security evaluation on its products

Jeremy Davies (pictured), a leading independent security consultant, is heading up the project. He has many years of experience in the field and is the security advisor to the HTA (Horticultural Trade Association), providing support to garden centres across the country.

Yankee Candle says the key objective of the project is to ‘forge even stronger partnerships with customers to find an effective solution to deter shoplifters.

‘The project will include a cross- section of both retailer size and geographic location, providing valuable insight into the methods used by shoplifters.

‘In addition, the findings are expected to reveal a realistic measurement of the loss to the retailer and crucially, which methods can be implemented to prevent losses in the future’.

David Crawford, Yankee Candle director of wholesale, added: “We are dedicated to working with retailers to help stop this problem. This project is designed to gather information on the tactics that thieves are using, for us to better understand the extent of the loss and to deliver a solution.”

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