teams up with Bake Off 2018 finalist Kim-Joy

Amazon has teamed up with 2018 Bake Off finalist Kim-Joy Hewlett – and London butcher and foodie destination C.Lidgate – to create the Mince Pie Bao Bun (or Mince Bao).

This modern take on the Christmas favourite features traditional sweet mincemeat encased in a bao bun. Typically, traditional bao buns are a type of filled, steamed bun. Today they are commonly found across south-east Asia and have become increasingly popular as a snack or street food around the world.

Ahead of the festive season Kim-Joy has created a recipe to bring these two foodstuffs together. She said: “I grew up eating bao buns made by my mum and have loved the challenge of bringing together traditional food from my childhood with a British classic to create the new Mince Baos. The buns are ideal for creating a bit of fun in the kitchen at Christmas. Here’s hoping that everyone looks forward to trying something unique and tasty this Christmas!”

The Mince Bao is available now for £6.99 for a pack of four on AmazonFresh. Louis de Kock, senior vendor manager of AmazonFresh commented: “We take pride in offering our customers fresh, high quality and innovative products like these Mince Baos. By working with one of our local suppliers C.Lidgate and talented baker Kim-Joy we are able to push the realms of innovation even further. We’re sure our foodie customers will be experimenting with the classics when it comes to entertaining family and friends this festive season.”

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