Asda predicts the drinks trends to watch out for in 2017

Asda’s drinks expert Ed Betts has offered tips for top drink trends in 2017.

The supermarket chain’s buying manager forecasts that 2017 will be the era of beer, while Gin &Tonic is tipped to continue its reign and health trends will make the leap into the drinks arena.

Craft beer sales soared by 60% in 2016, while sales of gin grew 15% to £6 billion over the past year across the UK.

Ed commented: “Given the popularity of certain tipples in 2016, we’re expecting continued growth with craft beer and also the nation’s beloved spirit, gin.

“The ones to watch are at-home mixologists who are crafting new ways to enjoy cocktails at home, whether it’s the flat white martini using Irish cream, or boutique gin with additions like rosemary or seaweed.

“The wine that’s en vogue for 2017 is sparkling Italian Rosé, said to be the next Prosecco.

“Rosé wine has been increasing in popularity over the years with a 56% increase year-on-year. This, coupled with the popular trend of Prosecco which has seen 34% growth, has led to this particular wine being the Next Big Thing.”


Ed’s eight predictions for drinks that will be big in 2017 are:

1.Getting Crafty with Beer
‘There are now around 1,500 craft breweries across the UK as people continue to appreciate the traditionally crafted, smaller batch beers. Beer is typically enjoyed by 53% of people, and Punk IPA is leading the way following a 60% surge in sales last year.’

2.Sipping Seaweed
Gin & Tonic has seen a massive growth over the past 12 months, which looks set to continue into 2017.However, the big tip for this year is Gin and seaweed. Used as a garnish, or a flavouring within the gin, the iodine rich algae is the must-have addition to any beverage.

3.G&T Love
Continuing with the Gin & Tonic theme, UK-wide sales topped the £1 billion mark in 2016 and the nation looks set to continue its love affair with the drink in 2017. When it comes to gin, serve in a balloon glass with a slice of orange peel.’

4.Health Life
‘With the health food trend set to continue its reign over Instagram feeds in 2017, this will infiltrate drinking habits, too.

‘Watermelon water is tipped to be a huge trend and could become the mixer du jour. Recommended is a splash of vodka, tons of ice and lashings of watermelon water

5.Coco for Coconuts
‘This year will be the year of the coconut, from pina coladas to Malibu, the coconut will infiltrate drinking habits as well as cooking habits.’

6.The Fizzy Stuff
‘While Prosecco is likely to continue to fizz in 2017, a top-tipped bubble is Pinot Noir Rosé. Generally giving a bright and deep colour, as well as a delicate taste, it is a very drinkable alternative.’

7.Nation of Mixologists
‘Asda has reported an increase of 20% in its cocktail sets as people recreate their favourite cocktails at home. Sales of cocktail staples have also soared, with the backbone of the aptly named Aperol Spritz rising 82%. Sales of Chambord, of Kir Royale fame, have risen by 12%. The brandy sour also appears to be tickling taste buds, with Angostura Bitters up 7%.’

While gin is one of the favoured tipples of the year, rum is also seeing great growth in popularity. Whether ginger beer or cola is your preferred combination, rum (and rum bars) will be the drink of the year.’

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