Autumn/Winter 2018 arrives at Argos

Argos has revealed details of its new Autumn/Winter 2018 range.

The retailer has highlighted several new additions for the home. It said: ‘Moulinex, made popular in the 1980s, will be returning exclusively to Argos with a brand new range of kettles, toasters and coffee machines (kettle £34.99, two-slice toaster £29.99, four-slice toaster £39.99, filter coffee machine £29.99) available in three colours: Pepper, Ivory and Black’. Also new is the Gtech AirRam Mk 2 Cordless Vacuum (£299.98), described as ‘the ultimate cleaning system which is lightweight, cordless and perfect on both carpet and floor’.

For the technology category, Argo commented: ‘Enter the world of 4K Ultra HD resolution with the brand-new Hisense A6250 TV (from £379) or experience Premium UHD with exceptional picture quality with Samsung’s Dynamic Crystal Colour TVs (from £1,049). Also new to Argos is the Sonos range, designed to fill every room of your home with quality-sounding music. The Sonos Beam (£399) is a smart, compact sound bar for your TV while the Sonos One (£199) is a smart speaker with Amazon Alexa built in.’

Argos noted that Smart Home products continue to be increasingly popular, with new brand EUFY launching a new generation of connected devices and appliances to simplify the smart home experience and make it more accessible. This includes the Alexa-powered speaker Eufy Genie, Argos said, and a growing list of smart appliances such as lights, vacuums, and smart plugs. Smart app-controlled washing machines and tumble dryers such as the Hotpoint 7KG Washing Machine (£249.99) can also be found in the new range.

For furniture, Argos offers six design themes for this season.

Rural Retreat aims to ‘truly embody an autumnal countryside feel, blending rustic materials with cosy knits and handcrafted accessories, with shades of grey, deep beetroot and mustard dominating the collection. The range includes pieces for the living room, dining room, kitchen and bedroom. Designed in-house, it features fabrics such as plaids, tweeds and faux fur, mixed with printed patterns and fine embroidery, ‘to create a classic look for the home’.

With new additions to the existing collection, Apartment Living aims to evoke ‘a modern, contemporary feel and is designed to inspire a stylish yet attainable look within the home.’ The retailer described the range as functional, clever and ideal for small living spaces with its unfussy, smart style. Examples include the Angel Chair (£259.99): ‘a smart, sophisticated product that can add a pop of colour in the room without taking up too much space’. Argos added: ‘The accent colours of yellow and monochrome create a confident and versatile range, especially when paired with uncomplicated embroidery, tactile ceramics and tinted glass.’

Urban Escape is inspired by the concepts behind Hygge living. The collection ‘celebrates minimal design and incorporates well-loved accessories to create a serene environment within the home’. Argos said: ‘The soft and gentle palette of eucalyptus and mint greens, cool blue tones and dusky pink encourages relaxation. Organic textures and soft geometric patterns mixed with cool greys work well for the bedroom. In the living room and dining room, the trend expresses modest minimalism with a focus on functionality and modern comforts.’

Nomadic Travels is billed as a bohemian collection that takes inspiration from around the world and captures the contrast between old traditions and new influences. Argos commented: ‘A blend of patterns, materials and finishes offer a new design update for the home that allows you to layer with texture and simple forms across furniture and decorative accessories. The use of earthy matte palettes paired with stained wood furniture creates conversational pieces for the home.’

Inspired by ‘a lavish attitude’, Midnight Opulence is a ‘glamorous range that focuses on grand furniture and luxurious home accessories. The fusion of decadent brass, dark woods and embellished fabrics offers a rich sense of luxury.’ An example is The Beautiful Blue Velvet Sofa (£329.99): ‘a particularly plush piece that takes centre stage with its immaculate finish. Complemented by mixed metallic finishes and statement pieces, Midnight Opulence reflects quality and confidence, ideal for those with a sophisticated taste.’

Finally, Everyday Luxury is ‘ideal for those who enjoy classic pieces to make the home feel comfortable and timeless’. The retailer said: ‘In the bedroom and living room, the furniture has been designed to create a serene ambience that is minimal yet warm. Argos Home pushes its crisp aesthetic approach with a pale palette using chalky and subdued hues, giving a delicate and airy feel.’

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