BIRA supports campaign for independent businesses

BIRA is supporting Stoke Newington Business Association’s campaign for independent businesses.

The Stoke Newington Business Association (SNBA) was established in January 2022 and since then has created a dedicated website for the area, In the last 12 months they have organised a Key Art Trail called Invisible People, featuring in the windows of businesses, the artwork of those within their community who feel marginalised and invisible through disabilities, mental health, race or gender.

The SNBA have also held a winter lighting project that involved everyone from school children, business owners, and community groups making eco-friendly star lanterns, featuring them in the windows of businesses and ending with a samba-band procession led by the Mayor of Hackney and a tree lighting event.

In January, BIRA CEO Andrew Goodacre met with the SNBA and made the following comments: “I attended the first SNBA AGM after they were formed last year. Chairperson and Bira member Heidi Early made an inspiring presentation showing everything they had achieved in 2022. Members of SNBA are not all retailers, but they are all interested in Stoke Newington and want it to thrive. This group has been working hard in creating unique events to bring people to the area.

“I left the meeting absolutely convinced that communities around the country could do the same. Although their project so far has been funded by a local authority, SNBA chair Heidi has the foresight to apply for support from other sources. Above all else, there was a simple shared vision of making the area a place people want to visit.

“I am often asked about high streets and my response is focused on the place and the community of business owners. I have always believed that high street businesses working together can make a huge difference, and SNBA is a shining example of this.”

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