Boa solves glug, crush and fizz issues

The new Bottle Monkey is an ingenious little gadget from Boa Housewares.

Boa solves glug, crush and fizz issues

It ensures that pouring a glass of fizzy drink from a giant plastic bottle will now be glug-free – and the bottle kept crush-free.

The sturdy handle enables the drink to be poured one-handed and, once the Bottle Monkey has been fitted, the bottle’s own cap can be used to seal the spout and keep in the fizz.

Boa, the company responsible for the CanPull opener and Baby Boa jar opener, reports that it has just taken orders for the 20 millionth Baby Boa – success it predicts will be equalled by the Bottle Monkey.

Boa has just appointed BHL sole distributor in the UK.

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