Brabantia bin slides into the bathroom

Brabantia’s latest addition to its expanding bathroom collection, the state-of-the-art Slide Bin De Luxe, features an unusual, tactile opening mechanism.

Brabantia bin slides into the bathroom

The lid slides in, upwards and back with a simple one-handed movement, revealing a practical 5 litre storage space, and closes discreetly and automatically.

The Slide Bin can either be positioned on a flat surface or wall-mounted next to a basin or vanity unit, providing a hygienic and easy-to-use receptacle for used cotton wool and tissues as well as larger items such as cosmetic containers and shampoo bottles.

The Slide Bin De Luxe is easy to empty and clean, and comes with a separate removable plastic inner bucket and detachable lid unit. It takes sized-to-fit Brabantia bin liners with a tie tape and no unsightly overhang when in place.

The bin is available in a choice of finishes: brilliant steel or matt steel with Brabantia’s Fingerprint Proof coating to keep marks and stains at bay.

Meanwhile, the company’s 45 litre Slide Bin De Luxe for the kitchen is also now available in a brilliant steel look, as well as matt steel with Fingerprint Proof coating.

Retail price 5 litre bathroom Slide Bin, £41; 45 litre kitchen Slide Bin in brilliant steel, £147

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