British homeowners are playing keeping up with the Joneses

New research reveals that 83% of Brits are secretly competing with their neighbours.

In a survey of 1,005 UK homeowners by, almost half (48%) of homeowners admitted to snooping around their neighbours’ homes through property search engines and estate agent sites, when their houses have gone up for sale.

Some 60% of homeowners look to their neighbours for inspiration before renovating their own home.

Gardens, including decking, water features and landscaping, took the top spot for features of the home most likely to be copied (55%). And 47% of Brits confessed that they were more likely to upgrade their windows or doors if they noticed their neighbour did so first.

The data also found that Brits copy their neighbours’ interiors and finishing touches (40%) when planning to make improvements to their own home.

Meanwhile, a fifth (19%) of homeowners owned up to upgrading their car in a bid to compete with other residents on their street.

As more Brits opt to ‘improve rather than move’, 14% of homeowners admitted that they copied their neighbours’ home extension.

Andrew Nesbitt, marketing manager of, said: “Britons have always taken inspiration from others with their homes. Looking to those who live in similar houses and areas can provide great ideas and possibilities for their own living spaces.

“Homeowners should be flattered that neighbours are looking to their décor and style choices for inspiration. As the saying goes: ‘imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.’” is an online retailer selling laminate, engineered and solid wood flooring, with showrooms in Manchester.

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