What are our top 10 home comforts?

New research has revealed the top 10 21st century home comforts that Brits can’t live without.

The survey of 1,011 UK homeowners and tenants carried out by home heating oil supplier SuperSaverOil.com found that Wi-Fi is the number one (45%) home comfort that Brits cannot go without.

A microwave was named the second most valued life luxury, securing 39% of votes, followed closely by home heating, which 35% of Brits claimed they could not fall short on.

A third of Brits couldn’t live without a duvet (32%), beating the humble cup of tea which received 28% of votes.

The study uncovered that a mobile phone was the one comfort that 24% of UK adults couldn’t lose, with digital TV falling in seventh place (18%).

Not as popular as tea, but remaining in the top 10, a cup of coffee came in at eighth place (15%).

One in 10 (11%) said couldn’t live without a glass of wine and surprisingly, as many as 9% said they couldn’t live without hair straighteners.

Mark Hackett, project manager at SuperSaverOil.com, commented: “It’s interesting to see that the things Brits just can’t live without are often the classic home comforts, such as microwaves and home heating, that can make life that little bit easier.

“It’s also great to see that whilst mod cons like digital TV are among the top 10, great British favourites such as a cup of tea or coffee are still firm favourites. We all have our home comforts and shouldn’t take them for granted.”

Those in Liverpool (63%) were most likely to not be able to live without their home comforts, followed by Edinburgh (31%) and Manchester (28%).

The top 10 home comforts



3.Home heating



6.Mobile phone

7.Digital TV  



10.Hair straighteners  


A microwave was named the second most valued life luxury, securing 39% of votes

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