Brits baffled by kitchen utensils, claims survey

A new study has revealed that one in four Brits (26%) gave kitchen utensils as gifts this Christmas – but 57% of Brits admit they will never use them.

Brits baffled by kitchen utensils, claims survey

According to the survey of 2,000 adult respondents conducted by Mortar for Charlie Bigham’s (makers of ready meals for two), Brits are clueless when it comes to identifying kitchen tools and gadgets, with two thirds (63%) unable to recognise a flour sifter, while more than half (55%) didn’t have a clue what a pasta server was. Also baffling the nation were destoners, with 43% unable to identify the kitchen tool, followed by spatulas (42%), ricers (38%), can openers (37%), pastry brushes (23%), garlic crushers (29%) and corkscrews (19%).

Looking at the male/female divide, men usurp women when it comes to knowing their way around the kitchen. 39% of women admitted they’d never once used a garlic press compared with 29% of men. And 42% of women stated they’d never once used a balloon whisk, compared with 37% of men.

The research also uncovered the respondents’ most unused utensils. Top of the list was a funnel, with 42% of Brits admitting that they had never used one, followed by a flour sifter (40%), potato press (39%), garlic press (38%), pastry knife (35%), apple slicer/corer (34%), cake knife (33%), ice cream scoop (30%)and cake slice (28%).

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