Brits shun the pub to watch World Cup at home

Well over half of Brits (57%) are shunning the pub to watch the World Cup at home with friends and family, according to a new study.

A survey of 2,000 people, commissioned by ice manufacturer and supplier The Ice Co, found that 45% of Brits think the pub is too “laddy”, with a similar number (43%) saying they would rather watch the football tournament in a more “civilised” environment with friends and family.

When it comes to the ideal number of people that Brits want to invite round to their World Cup party, the study showed that five or six close friends and family members is the ‘sweet spot’.

As for the ideal drinks to serve at a World Cup viewing party, the top 10 beverages are:

  1. Ice cold beer (47%)
  2. Soft drinks with ice (35%)
  3. Cider in chilled bottles (25%)
  4. Prosecco (24%)
  5. Cocktails (23%)
  6. Extra chilled wine (22%)
  7. Gin and tonic (16%)
  8. Red wine (11%)
  9. Baileys on ice (9%)
  10. Whisky on the rocks (6%)

Respondents said the key ingredients for the perfect World Cup viewing party at home also include having plenty of snacks in the house (52%), having lots of cold drinks in an ice box or bucket (43%), making sure everyone has a seat (37%), and stocking up on ice for drinks (33%).

Ginny Durdy, marketing manager at The Ice Co, said: “Our study showed 22% of people hate queueing for drinks at the pub. So, one of wonderful things about hosting a World Cup party at home, is you don’t have to do this! There’s nothing quite like getting your friends and family round to your house for a World Cup viewing party and serving them cold soft drinks, wine and beer all day long, straight from a box or bucket filled with ice.”

The Ice Co’s findings are included in a new report by food and drink futurologist Lyndon Gee called ‘World Cup 2018: We’ll be playing at home, not away!

Lyndon commented: “There’s lots of research out there, which I’ve cited in my report, to show that staying in is the new going out. The rise of trends such as ‘hygge’ and ‘lagom’ have helped fuel all of this, with many of us preferring the comfort and cosiness of our own homes than being in a busy bar or pub.

“Ice cold beer is still the most popular alcoholic drink, but low and no-alcohol varieties are gaining a lot of traction. Soft drinks are no longer an afterthought for summer parties, and this is evident with the growing trend for adult soft drinks. Cocktails and mocktails are also bang on trend this summer, so we’ll see many people serving these at their World Cup viewing parties.”

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