Celebrity chef wars: Gordon slams Jamie

Gordon Ramsay has fired a new salvo in his very public battle with Jamie Oliver, this time attacking him on both professional and personal fronts.

Celebrity chef wars: Gordon slams Jamie

In Toronto to launch his new range of cookware, Ramsay dismissed Oliver as a mere “cook”, while describing himself as a “chef”.

He also had a go at Oliver over his weight, saying that he needed to “lose a few pounds”.

There is nothing new about Ramsay’s assaults on the younger culinary celebrity. He once described Oliver as a “one-pot wonder”, and on being asked when was the last time he complained about the food when eating out he replied: “The last time I ate at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant.”

Oliver has complained that Ramsay “constantly slags me off on the TV”, and admits that “we do annoy each other a lot”.

Ramsay’s aversion to Oliver may be partly explained by the difference in the pair’s financial fortunes. The beleaguered Gordon Ramsay Holdings was reported recently to be in debt to the tune of £17m; Jamie Oliver, on the other hand, has appeared in The Sunday Times list of richest Britons under 30.

In the housewares market, Gordon Ramsay has links with Royal Doulton to offer ranges of cookware, tableware and glassware under his name, while Jamie Oliver collaborates with Tefal, DKB and Churchill on cookware, kitchen tools and gadgets and tabletop lines.

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