Coffee brand Gaggia relaunches in the UK

Coffee brand Gaggia has relaunched in the UK market with a new range of entry and mid-level bean-to-cup machines.

Gaggia said the new collection is designed to offer ‘a lower cost, and wider coffee quality alternative to the constraints of the coffee capsule’. The range includes the Naviglio and Anima ranges offering a total of five bean-to-cup machines. Prices range from just £399 for the standard Naviglio model to £750 for the top Anima Carafe model.

The brand said that the major benefit of the new models is that they close the cost of ownership gap with capsule machines, to the extent that Gaggia calculates that its bean-to-cup machine – assuming the user drinks two cups of coffee per day – can save between £175 to £205 per year, while giving the user freedom to choose the quality of the coffee they use.

Gaggia claimed: ‘The introduction Naviglio model can therefore repay the difference with a basic £100 capsule machine in just two years – plus there’s no need to worry about what to do with the one of 200 million coffee capsules used each year.’ It adds that despite the lower prices, the new models have a similar specification to Gaggia’s more expensive machines, with 100% ceramic adjustable coffee grinders that resist heat build-up, quick-heat, stainless-steel thermal block boilers and automatic internal circuit cleaning.


The new Anima range features three models with chrome metal finishes and a digital display


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