Cookware still on sale despite exploding lids hazard

Two years after the alarm was raised about a range of US cookware whose glass lids are liable to explode in use, consumers are still being exposed to the same danger.

Cookware still on sale despite exploding lids hazard

In July 2008 reported that several complaints had been made about the Chinese-made stainless steel cookware, sold under the name of American celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck.

Consumers had experienced the pans’ lids shattering whilst washing up, sending flying glass around the kitchen, and blowing up when the pan was on the hob.

At the time, Puck said the number of problems experienced with broken lids was negligible and that they were mostly down to “consumers dropping the lids or misuse”.

However, according to a recent report on Wolfgang Puck’s lids continue to pose a serious hazard.

One consumer who bought her cookware five years ago, said: “When I went to pull it out of the oven, it just went, ‘Boom!’ All over the oven, all over the skillet.”

Another lid shattered while being unloaded from the dishwasher, “making the sound of a gun going off”.

According to the cookware is still for sale, but with no warning about the possibility of the glass lids shattering.

Meanwhile, consumers continue to post comments on about their own experiences with the cookware – click here to read. The most recent, posted earlier this week, concludes: “Wolfgang needs to recall these lids before someone is blinded.” reports a glass expert as saying that the lids are “in a tremendous amount of stress”, and is concerned about how the handle is connected to the lid.

“I don’t like the rivet in it. It’s pressed up there really hard,” he said.

Wolfgang Productions failed to respond to repeated requests to for a statement.

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