Crystal Clear Judge Glassware

There’s glass and then there’s Judge Glass: a beautiful collection of Crystalline glass offering clarity, strength, and good design so that your favourite drink can be enjoyed to the max. Within the collection there’s a glass that’s perfect for every drinking occasion. Beautifully packed in sets of fours.

 Designed to Increase your Enjoyment

Allowing your glass to stand tall is the wine glass’s stable foot, and ample stem length to keep your warm hands away from the bowl, of which there are three shapes for sparkling, white and red wine, the small diameter of the sparkling glass ensures the bubbles do not excape, whilst the  wide bowl of the red allows it to breathe, and the white glass sits perfectly between these. Unlike other stemmed glasses, there are seamless joins between the sections.

Can glasses float?

The associated glasses often used for water, juices but frequently for coctails, are the  Judge highballs and stemless. Within The Judge collection we have 2 styles; one with shapely curves often called stemless wine and the other with a weighted base and a memorable floating bubble.

The Judge range is crafted in Poland and offers great design, crystal clear glassware and strength enabling it to withstand the toils of today’s dishwashers for years to come

We all know you can drink anything out of anything but having the right tool for the job adds to the experience, so look no further than the Judge collection.

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