Cupid’s arrow strikes at Cheltenham Kitchener

A visit to the Cheltenham Kitchener cookshop in June last year by Henckels area sales manager Andy Edgar proved rather more fruitful than he had expected.

Cupid's arrow strikes at Cheltenham Kitchener

Not only did his knife demo and training session go off well but he also fell head over heels in love with part-time sales assistant Charlotte Awdry.

Whisking Charlotte off to the Algarve last month to mark the anniversary of their meeting, he proposed to her. She accepted, and the wedding has now been set for October 29.

Charlotte told that the cookshop’s owner, Susan Crownshaw, had been instrumental in fanning the flames of love.

“Susan’s a great matchmaker,” she said. “I was quite reticent but Susan said, he’s perfect for you, he’s really lovely, why don’t you go for it?

“She went and found out how old he was and where he lived – he didn’t realise he was being completely played and gave away all the information without realising what was going on. Susan says he was putty in our hands!”

Andy, who says that meeting Charlotte was love at first sight, has now moved from London to Cheltenham as the couple prepare to get married.

Needless to say: “All of the Kitchener crew will be coming to the wedding,” Charlotte added.

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