Dexam installs new warehouse lighting

After a re-racking project in 2022, Dexam moved to stage two of its warehouse renovations last month with the installation of new lighting. Over 1,620 sqm of warehouse got upgraded from tube fluorescent lighting to an energy efficient LED lighting solution.

The project took a week to complete – the aim was to design a system that met the H&S requirements, provided the right light levels in the various areas, maximise savings of CO2 whilst ensuring the system is flexible and future proofed.

A site survey was carried out and each area of the warehouse was mapped out to great detail. Information gathered included height and location of all machinery, working areas and building layout.

Tom Roberts, operations manager, said: “Proper elements of light can dramatically enhance learning performance, achievement and can improve health. Just as plants thrive when provided with sunlight, people experience an improved sense of well-being when receiving the proper lighting. We had tube fluorescent lighting before, which was very uneconomical and not a great environment for our warehouse team. The new lights have made a huge difference already. They produce 5300 Kelvins, which is the equivalent of midday sun so the warehouse is a much brighter space.”

Alongside the nicer working environment for the warehouse team, Dexam’s lighting supplier, who has tried and tested their system, claims the new levels of light improve mood, enhanced mental awareness, concentration and productivity alongside reducing eye strain and fatigue.

The lights now have sensors so when nobody is in the vicinity they go off. It is estimated the new system will save 9.4 tons of carbon (CO2) and 25,000 kWatts of electricity per year. Savings will also be made on the company’s electric bill which Dexam have said will be put back into producing more fantastic products for their customers.

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