Divertimenti launches ‘whispering’ shop window in Knightsbridge

AGA has created an almost life-size ‘hologram effect’ of the famous industrialist Abraham Darby, who talks to the shoppers passing by AGA’s Divertimenti store in Knightsbridge. Using ‘whispering windows’ technology, the sound of his voice is broadcast to passersby.

Divertimenti launches 'whispering' shop window in Knightsbridge

Divertimenti has made a film clip of Abraham as it imagines he would have looked, talking about his inventions and the new AGA iTotal Control range cooker, which he turns on using his Smartphone App.

In 1707 Abraham Darby invented a new way of casting iron cooking pots, for which he received a patent from Queen Anne. He also devised a method of smelting iron using coke instead of charcoal which was a major catalyst for the Industrial Revolution.

The foundry where Abraham Darby made his cast iron cooking pots in Coalbrookdale, Shropshire, is a world heritage site. It is also the foundry where all AGAs and AGA Cookshop cast iron pots are made, true to his original methods albeit with a huge amount of investment in new technology.

To celebrate this association and the discovery of the actual patent document in the National Archives, Divertimenti has launched the special shop window at its Brompton Road branch.

Divertimenti’s Brompton Road branch was the winner of Housewares Magazine’s Mystery Shopper report on Knightsbridge, published in the May/June 2012 issue.

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