Economic downturn ‘will benefit coffee maker sales’

Coffee makers are tipped to be amongst the top-selling housewares products in the US next year – and not despite the tumultuous economic environment but because of it.

Economic downturn 'will benefit coffee maker sales'

According to a trend forecast from the International Housewares Association the consumer shift away from five-dollar lattes – highlighted by Starbucks’ announcement earlier this summer of its plans to close more than 600 of its stores in the US alone – creates an interesting new retail opportunity.

“The higher-end coffee market is still growing, and even in the present economy consumers won’t give up the simple pleasures they appreciate on a daily basis,” Bodum president Thomas Perez told the IHA.

“While people that patronise their local coffee shop frequently may recognise that they spend a lot of money and decide to cut back, our coffee maker sales this year have shown us that they will continue to spend on quality items that mean the most to them.”

Several coffee product manufacturers apparently share Perez’ belief that consumer spending will increase in the coming year for products that support the at-home coffee experience.

The association says that consumers are also increasingly interested in new high-performance products that not only support a healthy home environment, but make good economic sense too.

It predicts growing sales of high-tech air purification systems, multi-purpose cleaning devices, space-saving water filters and products that eliminate germs and bacteria.

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