Energy-free clothes drying with Brabantia

Brabantia is promoting the eco-friendliness of its clothes dryers, pointing out that they use natural fresh air, wind and solar power in contrast to electric-powered tumble dryers.

Energy-free clothes drying with Brabantia

The company offers a wide range of drying solutions for use both inside and outside the home.

For the garden, there are five different rotary dryers with a wide range of features and options, while for clothes drying in the smallest of spaces indoors or outdoors there is the WallFix.

This wall-mounted dryer unfolds to give a drying length of 24m, and packs away into a compact, space-saving unit.

For indoor, garage or balcony clothes drying, Brabantia has two more energy-free solutions. The door drying rack provides 4.5m of drying space for small laundry items, hanging from a door or wall, while the bathroom drying rack is designed for both medium and small laundry loads, with 10m of space, for resting over a bath.

Brabantia also offers a range of accessories that include the clothes peg bag in five colours, protective covers for rotaries and Wall-Fix driers, and a rotary garage stand for winter drying.

Retail price Rotary dryers, £53 to £160; WallFix, £94; door drying rack, £45; bathroom drying rack, £84

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