Fuel prices ‘will boost local shopping’

Shoppers intend to shop less often and more locally because of the high cost of fuel.

Fuel prices 'will boost local shopping'

So reveals the latest research from IGD’s ShopperTrack, in which 52% of shoppers said they would shop less frequently if petrol prices continued to rise, to save on the number of trips they make.

Exactly half plan to use shops nearer to them in order to use their cars less, and 41% said they would do more shopping in supermarkets with petrol stations, as they offer cheap petrol. Thirty-one per cent would also consider shopping more online to save on motoring costs.

Shoppers with young children and those living in the north of England are the most likely to react against high fuel prices.

ShopperTrack also found that 47% of shoppers would not spend less on groceries and petrol but instead would find savings in other areas, while 44% would be more loyal to shops that give petrol discount vouchers.

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