Now Silverwood bakes with wood!

“Probably the most unexpected development in bakeware for many years” is how Alan Silverwood is describing what will soon be the newest addition to its range.

Now Silverwood bakes with wood!

A set of wooden inserts and a bespoke silicone liner are designed to fit into Silverwood’s range of square cake pans to produce, says the company, the perfect conditions for baking a traditional fruit cake.

Wooden cake boxes are well known to craft bakers as the best way to bake moist, evenly-cooked fruit cakes, according to Silverwood, with the wood insulating the cake to prevent the edges from cooking too quickly.

The hardwood inserts in the new FruitBake box are sourced from sustainable forests and pack away to save space in the kitchen.

The box is not yet available, but is in the latter stages of development.

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