Fun kitchenware benefits as US consumers eat out less

The US housewares industry is enjoying a handful of positive trends driven by the very conditions that are prompting consumers there to tighten their belts.

Fun kitchenware benefits as US consumers eat out less

According to the summer edition of Housewares MarketWatch, published by the International Housewares Association, home entertainment products are benefiting as they cater for a cocooning trend amongst consumers, who want to save money yet still have some fun.

The main beneficiaries of this trend include popcorn makers, fondue sets and ice cream makers, all of which are enjoying increased sales.

Sales of ice cream makers, for instance, were up almost 8% in the year to March compared to a year earlier.

And with a recent survey showing that 53% of consumers plan to dine out less than usual and spend more time at home, there is a prediction that overall housewares sales could slowly start to creep back up.

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