Get cracking for British Egg Week

From cups and poachers to buckets and yolkers… it’s time to bring your egg-related products to the fore because next Monday hails the start of British Egg Week.

Get cracking for British Egg Week

Organised in association with British Lion Eggs, British Egg Week runs from October 6-12. It aims to show parents and children that eggs are ‘excellent for any meal, since they are high in nutrition and value for money, too’.

This year British Lion Eggs is partnering with the WRAP Love Food Hate Waste campaign to highlight the role that eggs can play in helping to minimise food waste. The theme is ‘eggs make a meal out of anything’ and British Lion Eggs has worked with WRAP to develop a collection of recipes to show how to use eggs to make ‘healthy, quick and economic meals from the most commonly wasted ingredients’.

These recipes will feature in a dedicated British Egg Week section on Several have been created by ‘some of Britain’s favourite chefs’ such as Dean Edwards’ eggy Mexican quesadillas, Mark Sargeant’s chorizo tortilla and Gizzi Erskine’s egg curry.

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