Good non-food performance drives retail sales growth

Sales in non-food stores are driving solid growth in retail sales, according to new figures from the Office for National Statistics.

Good non-food performance drives retail sales growth

Sales volume in the three months from April to June was 1.1% up on the previous three months, with non-food stores showing 1.9% growth against a decrease of 0.1% in food stores. Growth was highest for non-food stores such as sports and leisure retailers and jewellers, at 3.3%. Non-specialised stores, including department stores, showed their highest increase since May 2006, at 2.5%. However, non-store retailing, including the Internet, grew sales volume by just 1.8%, the lowest since April last year.

The total three-monthly sales volume was 3.8% up on the same period a year ago.

Between May and June non-specialised stores enjoyed the greatest increase, at 4.1%.

Over the year non-food store sales increased 5.2%, while non-specialised stores and non-store retailing both showed 7.5% growth. Food stores put on just 1.9%.

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