Gregg Wallace clocks in at The Christmas Factory

Gregg Wallace is taking a look behind the scenes of some of the factories that manufacture traditional festive products next Tuesday (December 20), in a one-hour special.  

In ‘Inside The Christmas Factory’, which airs at 9pm on BBC Two, the MasterChef co-presenter along with documentary presenter Cherry Healey and historian Ruth Goodman, explore the processes and history behind various Christmas treats.

Gregg follows 24 hours of production at the world’s largest mince pie factory – home to the Mr Kipling brand – which will make 180 million mince pies this year.

As he helps to mix pastry and stew mince, Gregg discovers the challenges of producing 2,000 perfect pies every minute. He also attempts to roll the sponge on the Yule log conveyor belt – with disastrous results.

Cherry travels to south Wales to meet the workers who make enough tinsel in a year to reach Hawaii, and is given special access to a high-tech factory that produces over 400 million metres of best-selling wrapping paper.

Meanwhile, Ruth discovers the explosive history of Christmas crackers.


Gregg Wallace and Cherry Healey

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