Hairy Bikers go back to school

Celebrity cooks The Hairy Bikers, aka Si King and Dave Myers, take a break from the kitchen to face a big challenge in their new three-part TV series.

‘Old School with the Hairy Bikers’ makes its debut on Tuesday (May 10) at 9pm on BBC2.

In the show, the pair take two groups in society at different ends of the age spectrum  – pensioners and teenagers – and pair them up to see if 12 unlikely couples spending time together as equals can transform lives.

The BBC said: ‘The pensioners have their frailties and issues, including bereavements, loneliness and scepticism about the ‘youth of today’ to contend with – whilst the teens are struggling with chequered academic records, bullying and low self-esteem, with the added pressure of exams ahead.

‘The ambitious hope is that these strange bedfellows can push each other in new ways – and in the process improve their health, wellbeing and cognitive skills.’

In the first episode, Si and Dave meet head teacher Niall McWilliams and pupils from the Oxford Academy near the deprived Blackbird Lees estate. They set out to search for willing senior participants for the intergenerational experiment.

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