Harrison defiant as BHETA issues injunction over confidential emails

HousewaresLive.net understands that BHETA has this afternoon been granted a restraining injunction against member Charles Harrison to stop him from publishing confidential BHETA material that has come into his possession.

Harrison defiant as BHETA issues injunction over confidential emails

However, Harrison says he will defend the claim – despite being warned that the case will run into tens of thousands of pounds.

Harrison, who has instigated a rebellion against the British Home Enhancement Trade Association’s proposed merger with the British Jewellery, Giftware and Finishing Federation, yesterday received a letter from the association’s solicitors warning him not to reveal the content of three private emails that have passed between the association’s directors.

The letter said that should Harrison “choose to publish them you will be in breach of the confidentiality obligation that you now owe to BHETA. If you breach that obligation I am instructed that BHETA will take action against you by way of injunction.”

Yesterday, Harrison told HousewaresLive.net: “I will be advising BHETA that I will not publish the documents for 24 hours to afford it the opportunity to obtain the restraining injunction.”

Now, BHETA has gone ahead with its threat in an attempt to prevent Harrison from divulging the information in the confidential messages.

Today, Harrison told HousewaresLive.net that BHETA’s solicitors had advised him of “significant costs” being incurred by BHETA in making its application and in pursuing its claim against him.

He said the solicitors had also warned that the costs would run into tens of thousands should he defend the claim – costs that BHETA would ultimately seek to recover from him.

However, Harrison remained defiant, saying: “I confirm that I will defend the claim.”

No one at BHETA was available to comment.

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