Impulse buying ‘becoming thing of the past’

As people change the way they shop, so impulse buying is on the wane, concludes a new report.

Impulse buying 'becoming thing of the past'

Online marketing specialist LinkShare surveyed 1,000 consumers about buying over the internet, and found that their growing tendency to consult social networking sites before they do so is taking the spontaneity out of shopping.

The report also found that 56% of those surveyed consult two to three websites before buying an item, while 21% look at more than three websites. Three-quarters of the consumers said too that they would wait as long as necessary to ensure that they got the best online deal.

LinkShare said the survey underlined the importance of offering visually stimulating and engaging products via online media and social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

“As the consumer evolves, so must how marketers and brands appeal to them,” commented managing director Liane Dietrich. “If consumers are hungry for information, brands must align their marketing strategies accordingly, or risk starving the business of future profits.”

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