Millo Appliances introduces the MILLO smart blender

Billed as the world’s smartest blender, MILLO is cordless, buttonless and portable. Battery-powered, it is comprised of a base of anodized aluminium and a portable cup in which the blades are housed.

MILLO features a patented AirDrive motor that consists of a magnetic coupling that spins the blades housed in the cup, without having to actually be in contact with them.

Millo Appliances claims ‘the brushless motor that drives the coupling is taken from drone technology – this is the first time these quiet motors have been used in a kitchen appliance. The AirDrive enables MILLO’s portability, and also means it is quieter than traditional blenders.’

MILLO is also fitted with a Bluetooth 4.0 connection and app which enables it to be controlled via smartphone and personalised to match individual blending patterns.

MILLO founder Ruslanas Traškelis says: “MILLO is not only smart, it is purposeful. It is designed to help solve some of the biggest challenges we face today in leading a healthy lifestyle. MILLO represents a break from the technological principles and design ideas that have been the basis of blenders for over 100 years.”


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