Judge Double Walled Glasses

The success of the Judge’s Double Walled Glasses in 2016 has led to the introduction of a new slimmer taller, straight sided Espresso glass, a partner for the existing espresso glass, with the advantage that this one sits very comfortably under a double dispensing espresso machine.

Why choose Double walled glass? Serving drinks with style and convenience has never been more achievable, than with the new range of Double Walled Glassware from Judge.

The collection employs a thermally insulated ‘air pocket’ design to create the ultimate drinking experience. Hot drinks remain hotter for longer, while the outside of the glass remains cool to the touch. Cold drinks can be as icy as ever you wish, and yet the outer glass will stay condensation-free. Perfect for ice-cream too as it will not melt so quickly. These points mean that you no longer need clutter your coffee table with coasters. The Judge collection is made from a superior scratch- resistant borosilicate glass, each is individually mouth-blown by artisan glass makers meaning that every single item in the range is unique whilst being comfortable on the lip and in your hand.

Choose from the collection nine individual glasses each with a purpose from a long iced cocktail, to a latte Ice-cream or Espresso useful and attractive varieties, ranging from tumblers to coffee mugs.

Despite their delicate appearance and handcrafted formation, all Judge Double Walled Glasses are resilient and dishwasher safe, for your convenience.

Available in boxed twin packs, Judge Double Walled Glasses are the perfect blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology, bringing you both style and substance.

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