Judge Mini Chopper with Glass Bowl

judgeminiChop, Chop! Blitz and Blend with the New Judge Mini Food Processor JEA75

Food Processors are one of the handiest tools in the contemporary chef’s arsenal, making short work of what used to be time-consuming and tedious tasks. The problem is that unless you’re cooking on a grand scale, there’s very little call for a full-sized model, and with kitchen space at a premium, they can be a pain to store. The new Mini Food Processor JEA75 from Judge delivers all the power of a larger model, with a small percentage of the footprint.

Beautifully presented with a clear glass bowl, the Judge Mini Food Processor is the ideal companion for the home cook. Suitable for creating both coarse and fine chopped ingredients, or even purees, it is the ultimate tool for those who like to work on the smaller scale.

Comprised of four simple parts – bowl, lid, power unit, and blade – the device is box-ready. To use, simply wash the bowl and blade, then plug into the mains; you’ll be chopping in no time!

Whether blitzing breadcrumbs or cauliflower couscous, or blending baby food or a single serve of soup, the Judge Mini Food Processor is just the job. Fast, efficient, and fabulously effective

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