Kettle tops list of best kitchen inventions

The most valued household inventions are found in the kitchen, with the kettle topping the list.

Kettle tops list of best kitchen inventions

In a new survey by a Which? guide, The Bright Idea Handbook, 93% of respondents said they would find it hard to live without a kitchen invention, with 69 % citing the kettle as their top kitchen item. Microwaves came in as the second most valued kitchen item, with 42%, while kitchen foil and cling film were ranked third with 16%.

For the research 1,982 UK adults aged 16 and over were interviewed in their homes between February 9 and 16, and asked what invention in the kitchen and in the home they would struggle to live without.

In fourth place was a toaster, 13%, followed by cheese grater, 8%, food processor/blender, 7%, coffee maker, 5% and bread maker, 3%. Juicers and smoothie makers scored no votes, while 6% of respondents went for “something else” or “nothing”.

When it comes to the rest of the home, 73% of people surveyed thought the home computer was the most crucial item, while 58% said the vacuum cleaner was an indispensable asset.

Michael Gardner, author of The Bright Idea Handbook, which shows how to develop an idea and turn it into a profitable business, said: “Who’d have thought that when the electric kettle was invented over 100 years ago, it would still be such a steaming success today?

“It just shows that if you have a great idea, you should do something with it, and who knows, it might be the next great invention!”

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