Kitchen and Home event freshens up Waitrose weekly sales

Total sales excluding fuel for the week ending Saturday (February 4) were 1.8% higher than the same week last year at Waitrose.

The supermarket chain’s development director Nigel Keen said: “Weather was milder than recently but warming foods such as soups and roasting meats were still popular, up by 15% and 52% respectively.”

The start of the Six Nations rugby the Super Bowl on Sunday helped drive beer sales up 5%, while ‘ready to drink’ cans rose 24% and drinks mixers lifted 33%.

He added: “The Super Bowl in particular drove sales of American and American-style beers. Shoppers also bought more snacks to eat while watching sports – packs of nuts were up by 17%.

“Elsewhere, shoppers took the opportunity of our kitchen and home event to freshen up the house with essentials – sales of the range as a whole were up by 15% for the week.”


Waitrose Easy Roast leg of lamb with lemon & oregano

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